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Naantalin Energia in brief

Naantalin Energia is a local electricity company. Founded in 1912 and owned by the city of Naantali, the company provides the local region with affordable and quality electricity services through a network of partners and suppliers.

In addition to electricity distribution, the company maintains qualified electricity network in Naantali. With over a century of history, Naantalin Energia meets the demands of diverse range of domestic and industrial customers through experienced 15-strong workforce. 

Naantalin Energia’s greatest strength lies in dedication to the local community. Staff’s knowledge of the region is second to none, enabling a safe and efficient service. Customers enjoy the qualities of a smaller organization that offers regular face-to-face contact. Naantalin Energia maintains a low cost level being the most competitive company in the region.

Online services in the future

At the moment Naantalin Energia buys some 85–90% of the energy from Nordic power-exchange NordPool. The remaining 10–15% is produced with wind power, wood and peat. These are supplied to Naantalin Energia by the Finnish company Katternö Kraft Oy, in which the energy company acquired a production share of approximately 4.3 MW in 2014. In 2010, the company made a big decision to invest on nuclear-power in Fennovoima – a new player in Finnish production.

In 2011, Naantalin Energia started the installation of automatic meter reading (AMR) systems, and currently all of the company’s customers have an automatic meter reading system in place. With AMR system the customers can benefit from the use of diverse online services.  

It is important for us to continue to develop our offering based on our customers’ needs. That is why we strive to maintain our local competitiveness and continue to be innovative when it comes to our service offering. Our key target is to provide easy and practical services that our customers can use from their homes.

Pasi Haarala, Managing Director:

“With essential emphasis being on reliability, we look to deliver energy management by serving customers professionally, ensuring a consistently inexpensive price, promoting the rational use of energy resources and looking to environmentally friendly solutions wherever possible.

Though a very community-focused company, plans have been set in motion to gradually penetrate neighboring areas for further business.”

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